Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Review of Recent Lush Purchase...

As many Lush fans could probably relate, Lush is a store where you go in and you will most likely come out with a little black bag in your hand. It happened to me again a few weeks ago. I have used all of these three products for a while now so I figure I would do a brief review here.

Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioner

I've heard a few people talking about it and I went straight to it once I stepped into the store. It has a very citrusy scent to it due to the orange flower absolute and grapefruit oils in it. With the rose water and almond milk added to the ingredients, it also has a very subtle floral scent. Lush says this product "beautifies, conditions and perfumes" your hair. I would agree with the statement for the most part. I'm very happy that the scent does last all day and it's indeed a very pleasant scent. However, I don't think it's rich or moisturizing enough as a conditioner. It is a vegan product, perhaps that's the reason. But I have to use a handful of products to get it all over my hair. I went through this 8.4 fl oz bottle very quickly. Therefore, this is not a daily conditioning product for me. I did repurchase another bottle because I do enjoy the scent being long-lasting on my hair. I absolutely adore the feeling when I wake up in the morning and smelling it from my hair. Nowadays, I tend to pair it with an unscented conditioner and it works very well that way.

Bubble Gum Lip Scrub

I smelled it in store and I loved the sweetness of the bubble gum smell. As for the texture and the effect, I think it was an overall Okay lip scrub. I have to put on some lip balm on my lips before exfoliating them with this product. It's just like raw sugar on your lips without any moisturizing ingredients. It was a bit rough. But with the lip balm, it works! People always say that you can make your own lip scrub at home with brown sugar and shea butter, I think that might be a better option. I don't think $10 for a tiny pot of bubble gum scented sugar is worth the money.

Catastrophe Cosmetic Mask

This is blueberry infused with tiny bits of blueberries visible in the tub. I love blueberries... I love them in pretty much everything. I didn't have any high expectation with this mask. As most of the Lush masks, they are all made with natural ingredients and I won't expect any drastic result with that in mind. I really enjoyed the deep cleaning effect of it. The only downfall of this mask is that it dries very very quickly on my face and little dusty powdery stuff from it will fall with or without any facial expressions/movements. But overall, it's a good product.

I hope you find this review helpful :)