Thursday, January 30, 2014

Laura Mercier Artist Palette and Anastasia Lavish Palette

These two eyeshadows palettes have been getting a lot of hype since they were released. I am usually not a huge fan of palettes because they aren't the best things to travel with or carry around. However, I caved in, for both of these:

Laura Mercier Artist Palette and Anastasia Lavish Palette

The colors in these two palettes were quite different but equally stunnning! Most people would say that the Anastasia Lavish Palette is better from the cost-saving and money-worth standpoint because you not only get 10 eyeshadows but also liner, pencil, twizzer and a brush (not a fan of the brush). The Laura Mercier Artist Palette has a better packaging with 12 eyeshadows with a slightly better quality. The African Violet color in the Artist Palette literally took my breath away the first time I saw it and I fall in love with it everytime I use it. It's just a gorgeous purple/violet color with a hint of gold. Perfect. There's a color - Black Diamond -  in the Lavish Palette that's quite amazing as well. It's great for a smokey eye look without looking dirty. The Rum Cake is a good every day color I use since I've owned the palette.

Now the Urban Decay Naked 3 is out. I went in to Sephora and checked it out. The light pink color doesn't suit me as well as the ones in the Laura Mercier Artist Palette. The Artist Palette is extremely flattering for brown eyes with the purple range from dark to very light violet. 

Between these two palette, the verdict would be that Laura Mercier Artist Palette wins! I think I love it a lot more and I have owned both for about two months now and I definitely reach out for the Artist palette more often than the Lavish palette.